We provide training supporting staff to reduce stress, build resilience, increase mental wellbeing and make healthy lifestyle choices. This can help to reduce sickness and absence, increase productivity, raise morale and boost job satisfaction. There are many benefits to both employees and employers when we increase wellbeing at work.

We want to invest in the next generation too, so we have set up a scheme that enables organisations to make a difference to the wellbeing of young people in their community. When an organisation purchases our staff courses, we donate our Youth Health Ambassadors training to the secondary school of their choice.

The Health Ambassador training supports schools in improving the physical and mental health of their students by using a peer based approach. Students complete our training and then spread health messages amongst their peers through a variety of activities. Becoming a Health Ambassador gives students the opportunity to grow in confidence, develop skills (such as team work, effective leadership and public speaking) and they can create positive changes in their school.

Before creating Optimum Health Training Group, our founder dedicated over 14 years to developing and delivering wellness programs nationwide. She trained staff in the private and public sector and supported both staff and students in 25 schools. Our team understand that organisations are facing increasing pressures to prioritise wellbeing but unfortunately face challenges, such as time restraints and budget limitations. OHTG was launched to provide a solution that was affordable, effective, practical and flexible.

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We understand the challenges:

  • Increasing work pressures
  • Budget limitations
  • Time constraints
  • Organisational changes

This is why our courses offer:

  • No limits on the number of sessions you can run
  • Free upgrades
  • Can be accessed at the time, place and day that suits you
  • High quality training
  • Value for money

To help you achieve:

  • A healthy and positive work and learning environment
  • Higher levels of productivity
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Reduced sickness and absenteeism

Our courses are flexible and can be used in a number of different settings